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new year a comin’

What are you wearing?

new spindolyn models! and what wood would I if I would…

this is what knitting does for me

A sorry sight

born in a barn

Getting enough fiber

SAFF (!!) Update

Mod-duh!-ular knitting

I'm going to SAFF!

Straight from the hip, angled spinning

Too Hot to Spin? I think not!!

magical power of the knit stitch

making the best of it

Spinning Cotton; consistency vs. creativity (or, the focus of my focus)

Helping Middle Tennessee, thank you all for asking…

Spindolyn Capacity and flooding

Learning to Spin at an Early Age

there comes a time

it’s not so bad out, if you are wearing wool..

a puppy, a ball of yarn, and a raging wind…