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Knitted Finger Ringers and Wrister

even long goodbyes end

Snow white on brown cotton

Looking for me? so am I

New! Improved! and finally photo'd!

one blissful evening

Sliver and Roving and Batts, oh my!

People, I am finally warm!!

Peach "sweatette" done

alto on hold and holding pattern

a real brown

Stress knitting and self policing

Tall Cotton

Knitting in my Palm (part 2)

Knitting in the "palm"

nothing photo'd nothing gained

back up and reload

Server down

merino with morning coffee

They're UP!

Forget-me-nots for Dad's day

wagging tails and spinning yarns

the cotton is high and so am I!

Crummy Cotton and Catching up

Pill bottle cotton

Starting to surface

Are you waiting on a Spindolyn??

Moving along

tornado update




Hybrid Knitting (or, how necessity names a style of knitting)

reconstituted peaches

Peach progress

electric blanket warning, Will Robinson!

rustica-cata sock