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rustica sock chart

Testing the bag

Socks on my feet

unborn socks are not a pretty thing

turkey from tiger arrived

yarn mandala

waiting on my turkey

ravelry and unraveled

messed up the blog

bag beginnings

the other hand

impetus at last!

Ta Da! the pleasant spindle returns!

pleasant problem solved (maybe)

I have an office!!! (sort of)

caught! ! !

why is knitting any way slow right now?

mindless mindfulness

out of town and easy on the hands

catching up

update on the fire

Customers note

springtime free chart

testy or testing

time and honor

march winds, not yet

shhh, Im counting seeds

Peaches and bad dreams

nostepinne imposter!

it live, the video that is

spindling video almost

lights, camera, spin

why spin -reason #27

wild hair

photo measuring for knits?

Weebles, a spindle makers tale of woe and wobble

steady working

new spindolyn

warming up

trying out a new (not really) way to say "whats new"

working on new spindle